The Realm of the Quixotic is a space where stories come to life. It might be better if Quixotic existed only within my diary pages where I can be absolutely honest with myself but some emotions are so artistic it would be a pity not to share them, albeit fiction-ised.

Stories, I believe, are meant to be shared in order for other people to connect and feel that they have a companion. Quixotic is that platform I want to use to connect with people from everywhere. People who are so different they are the same. People who have never known me but who do anyway because we are all humans going through the same feelings.

If Quixotic makes it past a year (which it has not), I hope there would be people who can relate and who feel the same things I do.

I am just another human being in this world, but so is everyone else. Being just one person allows you to understand what every other person may feel once upon a time. Being just one person keeps you from being conceited and believing you are better. Being just one person means you can connect deeply and personally with another.

And I want to do that through stories.