To be perfectly honest, I never thought that anyone would live in Quixotic except its creator – me. I simply wanted a space to write and share my unusual thoughts on life that one cannot say out loud. So I suppose I am talking to you: the one reading this, the quirky, strange you, the creative, unique you, the one in love with stories.

Poverty has been a theme I heard and discussed many times in my life because my parents used to be poor, grew up poor and knew what it felt like. What I learnt, however, was not the terrible conditions they lived in or the threat of death hanging over their heads everyday. Instead, I learnt that poverty was a teacher.

Over the years, I’ve explored the many aspects of the lives of those without enough and have written literacy works based on the theme of poverty. Living in poverty is a fight for life. They live for the purpose of living. What do we do? We live, hoping for the day we will die. For the suffering to end, for the world is cease, for utopia to be achieved. The ‘better life’ we are aiming for… what exactly is it?

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PEACE ON EARTH is a video I wrote about discrimination against the poor within our society. (Click on the title to view the video.) You don’t need to travel to Smokey Mountain to see poverty. Poverty could be living in your neighbour’s apartment. What you see in poverty that you see less in affluence is hope.

Right now, I’m working on a story of the affluent finding hope in a poverty-stricken society. The world likes to find happiness in oneself.

Do something you love.

Buy something you like,

Spend time with people who make you smile.

But these methods are not working. We face increasing rates of suicide, depression and eating disorders. Why? Because I think that we should be making other people happy in order to be happy. The society that focuses on self will always spiral downwards because you are never good enough for yourself.

So look forward to that story ^.^

Thank you for reading!


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  1. I am glad I saw your post in the commons and visited your blog. I am following you now. I feel you have an amazing way with words. I felt connected with your writing. You engage your readers. I wish you a great success. Most of our blogs started this way but joy of sharing is something which must be discovered 🙂 Anand

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