The Faces of Something

By: Coralyhr

The wolf turned back into the little girl with the pink tutu. She reached out for a book on the shelf. “Sit,” she said to Rane. Rane sat down.

Without looking at the book, the little girl asked, “Who am I?”

“You’re a shapeshifter.”

The girl giggled. “Nope!”

“You’re a little girl.”

The girl turned into a boy with rumpled hair wearing cargo pants.

Rane stared.

The boy turned into a potted plant.

The potted plant turned into a grown soldier with a rifle strapped to his back.

The soldier turned into a businesswoman.

The businesswoman turned into a cow.

The cow turned into the little girl with a pink tutu. She asked again. “Who am I?”

“Someone,” she replied.