The Paradox

By: Coralyhr

Rane interrupted before they could sing the next verse, “how can someone be alive if they are dying?”

“Well,” began Sunflower, “to die, you have to be alive right?”

“Yes,” Rane said after some hesitation.

“So if you’re dying, it means you are kind of alive,” said Rose.

“It’s not a paradox,” said Lily. “Everything in the world makes perfect sense.”

“No,” said Rane firmly, “No it doesn’t.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sunflower.

“If the world made sense, there would be no need to live. Because than there would be sense in suffering.”

“There is sense in suffering,” said Rose.

Sunflower nodded. “That’s right. Suffering makes you stronger.”

“What for?” demanded Rane. “Stronger for what? More suffering?”

Lily nodded. “That’s right. See. It makes sense.”

“So what are we suffering for?”

Lily glanced at Rose. “How would we know? You are the only one who can answer that question.”

“If I can answer it, I wouldn’t be asking.”

Sunflower laughed. “You have to ask to answer in the first place,” he pointed out.