The Nameless Station

By: Coralyhr

“In an ideal world like Elusive, that’s what we do. We can’t agree, so we don’t and we don’t decide on any one opinion. But in reality, the most powerful group of people will decide for you and call it whatever they want. The rest follow,” Brown explained, sharpening his knife again even though he was already happy with how sharp it was. “Understanding, you understand, is all about compromise. Not here. We don’t compromise here.”

“But calling a knife a snake doesn’t make it a snake.”

“That is the easy way to think about it,” said Brown, holding up the knife, “if you meet a person for the first time who calls a knife a snake and he refers to it as such, you would not know what he is talking about. But if you know a snake means a knife and he knows a knife means a snake, then you have a disagreement. But the object in question does not change.”

“So?” asked Rane.

“Everyone has different ideas of what is what.” He smiled. “It’s a confusing world.”