The Field of Flowers

By: Coralyhr

Again, Rane interrupted them. “So why do you need to be friends?”

The two of them paused. The green one spoke, “You see, human, it is quite boring to live on your own with only yourself to talk to. There are the flowers of course, but sometimes they are poisonous and we die and have to wait for them to process paperwork to get us back here which is tedious. With the two of us, we can help each other.”

“Do you?” asked Rane, “Do you help each other? What if one person is poisonous?”

“It’s your opinion is it not? On whether the other person is poisonous. A friend isn’t there to protect you. They are there to help you. There’s a difference. That’s why you need to have the same ideas to be friends.”

The red-eyed rabbit-human glared at the green one. “I think there must be something wrong with your eyes. The flowers are pretty.”

“They are not. Look there, that flower with the bl-”

“What’s the difference?” asked Rane.

The red-eyed rabbit-human looked exasperated. “Protecting someone means you put your life on the line for them. Why would you do that for anyone? Helping is much easier. A bit of time (we don’t have it but you know what I mean) and a bit of space, some talking, some gifts, ideas. That sort of thing you know. No risk.”

“What about storybooks?”

Bai laughed. “Rane, storybooks are fiction. They don’t actually happen. Have you seen with your own two eyes people who die for each other?”


“So stop asking.”

“But I wouldn’t know because I don’t pay attention. Maybe there are people like that.”

“Would you? Give up your life for someone?”

Rane thought about it. “No.”