The Wanderer’s Road

By: Coralyhr

So she said instead, “Help me.”

The unicorn looked at her without expression, staring like it had been staring the whole time.

Rane felt like an idiot for saying that.

“I want to get out of here.”

“You do not want that,” said the unicorn matter-of-factly. It swished its pink tail leisurely and snorted elegantly.

Rane asked, “What do I want then?” Since everyone else seemed to know better than I do about what I want.

“You want peace. You want rest. You don’t want conflict. You don’t want to DO anything.”

Rane thought about it. She seriously considered the words said to her and nodded. “Yes.”

Then she waited for an answer. The unicorn knew she was waiting for an answer and it waited before giving it to her. “You will not find it.”

Rane opened her mouth to retort.

“Do you understand,” interrupted the unicorn, “what Elusive is?”