Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and the last day of November. It is over. At last. And I don’t miss my story. Her story.

November ended on a good note. Nothing feels better than having finished telling a difficult story.

I have other projects piling up on my desk, demanding my immediate attention but I sit back and tell myself that there’s nothing more to do.

Nothing feels worse than not knowing what to do with yourself now.

Previously, I have the habit of not finishing one story before I move on to the next one and it never bothered me to stop and appreciate my work because there was nothing substantial to appreciate.

Do I have the right now, to stop and congratulate myself?

But I’m running on instead.

When one draft ends, you start another. You can’t stop. Because that draft that you finished was horrible, wasn’t it?

Good job to everyone who finished NaNoWriMo.