Read or Die Review

R.O.D. the TV is an anime series based off the series of light novels titled Read or Die by Hideyuki Kurata about Paper Masters, characters with the ability to control paper, and who absolutely love books.

The anime follows three Paper Masters and a writer facing writer’s block after the disappearance of her best friend four years prior.

This anime gave off a slightly melancholic vibe despite having a light-hearted art style and bright colours. And I liked that. I thought it was a creative use of paper, of books and of stories. I loved how the characters, most of whom were acute bibliomaniacs, lived half in their world of books, absent-mindedly engaging in real life activities.

And okay, I could relate to their excitement at seeing bookshops.

These characters lived in a book nest, sleeping in beds buried under mountains of books, the writer working under an avalanche of books and papers. As an avid reader myself, I loved the setting of the story.

As for the story, personally, that mattered less because of how engaged I was in the characters. But the story revolved in a fairly logical manner, with the paper masters having to use their abilities on secret missions to earn money to fuel their book buying sprees.

And eventually, these secret missions reveal the underlying plot in the story – a diabolical plan to reform the world through writing.

Finding this anime was like a dream come true, a series revolving around books, about stories and how they have the power to change the world. I am not a fan of the art style but I am drawn to books and this anime had plenty of that.

“Please give me back my book!”

~by Yomiko Readman